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7 Essential Inspections to Conduct before Using Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an essential tool for construction and maintenance work at heights, allowing workers to access hard-to-reach areas safely. However, scaffolding can also be a potential hazard if not used correctly.

According to Safe Work Australia, falls from heights are one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities in Australia. Therefore, it is crucial to follow proper safety protocols before using scaffolding to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are seven essential inspections to conduct before using scaffolding.

1. Check the Ground Condition

The first step in ensuring scaffolding safety is to check the ground condition where you plan to erect the scaffold. The surface must be level, stable, and capable of supporting the weight of the scaffold and workers safely.

Avoid setting up scaffolding on uneven, sloping, or soft ground, as this can cause the scaffold to tilt or sink. Instead, use base plates, sole boards, or adjustable jacks to level the ground and distribute the weight evenly.

2. Verify the Scaffold Components

Before using scaffolding, inspect all components, such as tubes, couplers, braces, and boards, for signs of damage, rust, or wear and tear. Check for cracks, bent or missing parts, and ensure that all components are compatible and fit correctly. Any damaged or unsuitable components must be replaced before using the scaffold.

3. Ensure Proper Assembly

Scaffolding should be assembled by a competent person who has received sufficient training and understands the manufacturer’s instructions. Check that the scaffold is erected according to the manufacturer’s specifications, as different scaffolds have varying assembly procedures.

Make sure that each component is connected securely and that all locking devices are engaged. Avoid modifying or improvising the scaffold, as this can compromise its structural integrity.

4. Secure the Scaffold to a Stable Structure

Scaffolding must be attached to a stable structure, such as a building or a wall, to prevent it from toppling over. Check that the scaffold is secured using appropriate ties, anchors, or braces and that the connections are tight and secure. The scaffold should also be positioned at a safe distance from power lines or other hazards.

5. Install Guardrails and Toeboards

Guardrails and toeboards are essential safety features that prevent workers from falling off the scaffold. Check that guardrails are installed on all open sides and are at least 900mm high from the work platform. Toeboards should also be installed around the perimeter of the scaffold to prevent tools or materials from falling off.

6. Conduct Regular Inspections

Scaffolding safety requires ongoing maintenance and inspections to ensure that it remains safe and stable throughout its use. Regular inspections should be conducted by a competent person before each use, weekly, and after any modifications or changes to the scaffold. Any defects or issues identified during the inspection must be rectified before using the scaffold.

7. Provide Proper Training

All workers who use scaffolding should receive proper training and information on how to use it safely. This includes understanding the risks associated with working at heights, erecting and dismantling scaffolding, and using safety equipment correctly.

Workers should also be trained on emergency procedures in case of an accident, such as how to lower an injured worker to the ground safely.


Scaffolding is an essential tool for construction and maintenance work, but it can also be a potential hazard if not used correctly. By conducting the seven essential inspections outlined above, workers can ensure that scaffolding is safe and stable before use.

It is also crucial to provide training and ongoing maintenance to ensure that scaffolding remains safe throughout its use. By following proper safety protocols, construction and maintenance workers can prevent accidents and injuries and ensure a safe work environment.

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